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Huge congratulations to Lisa Flanagan and Samantha Arnold
Huge congratulations to Lisa Flanagan and Samantha Arnold from our Chippenham branch who completed a 21 mile Walk of Life on Saturday 14th May from Devizes to Bath. They were raising awareness and funds for Bath’s Royal United Hospital Cancer Care Unit, and Geriatric Ward.

Matt is on the run for Izzy cause
Matt Frith has never taken part in a marathon but next month he will be running in the Milton Keynes Marathon to help raise money for the Help Izzy Walk Campaign.

Chippenham Table Tennis Duo On Top Of The World
PSP Chippenham table tennis pair of Terry Parkins and Jerry Musselwhite struck gold at the recent World Corporate Games in Liverpool representing PSP Insurance and Financial Solutions. Parkins, fresh from representing England in the World Veterans Championships in New Zealand and Musselwhite, from a record 14th Mendip Singles Title didn’t drop a game in winning the over 40s doubles.

Lee meets his hero
PSPs Lee Smith won a Twitter competition to meet David Beckham. Click below for the full story:

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Beware of cyclists!

The Prime Minister, David Cameron, has recently announced a Coalition Government investment of £93 million into improving the infrastructure and environment for cyclists, bringing cycling onto the front pages of the newspapers for the first time since the 2012 Olympics.

Given the recent number of accidents being incurred by urban cycling commuters, this may prove a timely investment.

So exactly who needs to take care?

People going for a leisurely walk on a clearly marked pedestrian path should be able to expect to do so without being knocked over by anyone else – or even upset by having someone cycling past them unexpectedly, potentially throwing them into the bushes, or any other natural hazard.

Conversely, cyclists (and others such as joggers) going about their lawful pursuits should also be able to do so without having pedestrians suddenly dodging into their paths. So if a pathway is dedicated for general use and cycling is not specifically prohibited, then everyone should exercise a duty of care towards everyone else.

But life is not as simple as this; the elderly in particular may be less agile than others and perhaps not able so easily to avoid sudden obstacles. It is therefore important that those who are most likely to cause injury to others take extra steps to ensure that they are not going to fall foul of a compensation claim from someone they hurt, or whose property they damage.

Is a bell necessary?

In some respects, the answer is “yes” – bells (or something similar) are necessary. But this does not apply simply to cyclists. The point is that we all have to accept responsibility for what we do in public and ensure that it does not unreasonably inconvenience others. The need to ensure that we do not cause accidents applies to us all.

It is not just good sense, or good manners, it is a way of avoiding legal complications.

Insurance is there to help. Of course, there are occasions when “the best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men” go wrong and accidents can happen. Fortunately, home contents insurance policies almost always include a public liability extension that covers the policyholder (and family members permanently living with them against claims for injury or damage caused as a result of accidents. This does not, of course, cover anything to do with motoring or sailing, but it would include accidents relating to cycling, walking, and anything that animals or children under your control might do.

Having the right insurance is essential.

Advice is important, so consulting an independent professional can always be of assistance in evaluating the scope of your requirements – and the options available to you. It is important always to seek professional advice before arranging any insurance and we would be pleased to provide more information.


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