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Life Assurance Solutions: Protecting your family is a basic instinct; never easy to talk about but it is so important to make sure that our dependants are financially secure should anything happen to us. The first priority is to protect the income of the breadwinners so your dependants can continue with the same standard of living. We usually advise our clients to protect their family with a combination of whole life, term assurance or family income policies each policy can also have critical illness cover added. However, each client is advised individually because every bodies needs are different.

Critical illness: This is an inexpensive extension available on most types of life insurance policies and provides cover should you be diagnosed with a critical illness.

Mortgage & Debt Protection: Another popular life insurance variation is to protect family or business debt so that this can be cleared in full or part when the bread winner(s) is no longer around. Again each client will receive individual advice and we will recommend a portfolio of cover which will be designed to ensure the mortgage or debt is repaid. In addition to death cover we usually recommend extending the policies to include critical illness cover.

Income Protection:
It is not just death or critical illness than can put an inordinate strain on family finances. If a breadwinner is injured or becomes ill for a long period it also can be a serious problem for the family. Life still has to go on and state benefit is usually not enough in such circumstances. We have a number of solutions to protect our clients ranging from short term Personal Accident and/or illness policies to long term permanent health schemes each one flexible and tailored to individual clients needs.

Investment Portfolio Management: We invest for the future for a variety of reasons, holidays, purchasing valuable assets, education costs, wedding costs and other major family events. The flexible nature of our needs means that we require a varied investment strategy. In considering our clients investment strategies we take into account the need for a diverse allocation of investments. We also consider the tax efficiency of different forms of investment.
The value of investments is not guaranteed and will fluctuate. You may get back less than you invest.

Pension Plans: In some respects retirement planning is no different from other forms of investing.  However, there are a number of significant tax benefits that make it worthwhile considering traditional pension schemes in addition to alternatives such as Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs). Our experienced advisors aim to ensure you get the right advice and will recommend a portfolio of investments for retirement which are flexible, tax efficient and secure. If we can give you any simple advice in this area it is: “Start you pension investment strategy early”.

Private Medical Insurance:
While the NHS does an excellent job, particularly for emergency treatment, there are times when it simply cannot deliver the treatment you or your family may require at the time you want it. This is why private medical insurance was developed and is so popular. We have access to a wide range of solutions which either provide cash benefits or comprehensive plans covering the majority of treatment and hospital accommodation. We do not provide all Private Medical Solutions ourselves and partner with various third parties as required.

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